Development Process

Development Process

Management is the essence in development process. Better the management, so is the final product. Software development is a complex process which includes time and budget constraints, risk and customization. A proper management is the only way to get over these issues. Our main focus is on this and deliver the product within the time and budget allotted and also remains alert and proactive to deal with any kind of risk. Junipers Pro use latest technology to meet the needs of the market.

Development process is a complete cycle which includes:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Junipers Pro follows iterative life cycle model to avoid the limitations of waterfall model. We spend enough time and resources in analyzing the needs of customer. Codes enable the enhancement of requirements and design. The development of complete project is organized in different prototypes. Each prototype leads to further improvement. Through this, the product is shared among different specialists involved: architects, designers, programmers and testers.

This is not possible in waterfall as it does not allow modifications in previous phase. Junipers Pro focuses on modifications and not repulsive arrangements before delivery.

WHY iterative model?

  • Provides feedback from engineering to stakeholders
  • Modifications in prototype
  • Allows upward movement for amendments.
  • Focuses on design and requirements
  • Final product is made after confirming skeleton verion.

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