Engagement Model

Engagement  Model

Junipers Pro Offers numerous engagement models to determine the demand of global customers. We focus on customization and for that we use any of the models below as per the needs. At times, we also integrate models for fruitful results.


Effort based pricing or time and material model

  • Effort based pricing model, confirms the project cost is a function of the total project implementation time and the respective resources organized
  • The model is specifically useful in cases where the projects are pretty difficult and are susceptible to specification and design variations timely
  • This engagement model provides our clients with better flexibility in respect to development of the project description continuously and amending with developments in accordance with the changing market demands

Build Operate transfer

  • We provide facilities which is an integration of our resources and customer's resources
  • These can be said as expansion of customers' own facilities
  • The facilities make infrastructure and procedure expansion available.
  • Junipers Pro implies this model to help you in having advantages like marketing, cost effectiveness, risk reduction and flexibility.

    With the following business processes we serve our customers:

    • Development of website
    • Designing of website
    • Development of web applications
    • Development of custom software
    • Development of mobile apps
    • Development of ipad apps
    • Development of iPhone gap application
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media optimization
    • Pay per click services
    • Designing of logo and corporate identity
    • Designing of brochure

    We offer following benefits of IT outsourcing:

    • Providing International operations in more than 10 countries
    • Perfect communication
    • Well furnished with knowledgeable and proficient tech professionals
    • Make full efforts in providing 100% satisfaction to our customers
    • Provide 24*7 services
    • Flexible service hours
    • Capable of handling any critical situation

    We focus on quality, on time delivery, cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction, enough time for research and work with skilled manpower to customize the product.

    Delivery Model

    This concept aims in achieving higher quality with minimum resources and time. Effectiveness and efficiency is the basic aim of this unique concept.

    Offshore Development

    A company is expected to work ethically. One of the components of ethics is price. Junipers Pro follows the pricing model arranged by the company.

    Pricing Model

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