Protection of IP

Protection of IP

For open and accurate communication Offshore Software Outsourcing is important. Significant steps have been provided by us for complete safety of emails, Databases servers, Desktop systems and web server. Trojans, malware, spyware are some of the well-known threats faced by the businesses. Licensed software is used by us at the Software development center Noida and our concentration is on making and keeping this software up to the date. Security and threat issues can be decreased by properly investigating the code. Our professionals give special importance in maintaining the privacy of the customers' business data.

Measures to sustain the privacy:

  • Employees are required to signed the confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts
  • For complete security and protection passwords and documents have to be managed
  • Developers and quality assurance team must a access the developed software
  • Only to the system administers password protected access to server is provided

The offline backup of the project is maintained and retained once the projected is completed and delivered. On the request made by the customer, backup can be deleted.

On the request of the customer's requirement these additional safeguard requirements are considered:

Physically separate units: For approved professionals we provide a separate system while working on the projects. The systems are always under scan that is provided by the professionals and provision of media is also not permitted.

Accessing the network:

To the client's server Virtual Private Access is provided that helps in prevention from insecurity. The network can be accessed only by the employees those are authorized. Also the data can be prevented from interception by the authorized employees only.

The representative of the account makes the discussion related to essential data backup, privacy and exceptional protection.

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