Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Junipers Pro is one of the top mobile application development company which offers a complete range of business solutions to its clients. We provide you with mobile applications development for operators like IOS, Android, windows, blackberry etc. Junipers Pro serve wide range of businesses both large scale and small scale including various blue chip companies. We, with our application serve a great experience with the simplicity of design, smooth processing and user friendly interface. In addition to this, we support our clients with M2M, SMSC Gateway Integration, GPS systems and GPRS.

Advantages Of Owing An Application

Mobile applications are becoming a necessity for organizations. In current scenario where potential customers don't have enough time to visit the retail outlet, organizations are looking forward to get a direct connectivity to them. For bridging this gap, get an application representing your company to carry out business transactions. Brick and mortar model lacks mobility and personalization.

Limitations of brick and mortar model were partly eliminated with web business where limitations of web services are eliminated by introduction of applications. The concept helps in personalization, positioning and hence increases sales.

Various companies that are into FMCG, insurance, banking, education etc. are getting an application to integrate front and backend process and get a direct to link its immediate customers. Applications are:

  • Dynamic, interactive and personalized way to serve
  • Integration of backend and front end
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Easy and quick

WHY Junipers Pro?

Delivering an application with its varied benefits face certain challenges such as:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Research on taste and preferences of end users
  • Analysis of demographic and economic factors
  • Strategic issues in digital marketing
  • Omni channel system
  • Preference of inexpensive applications over the expensive ones

Junipers Pro Successfully meets the above challenges. We have world class experts for handling application development. We conduct various analyses including feasibility analysis before initiating the project. We focus on cost efficiency and do not compromise in quality. We aims at fulfilling and serving delight to our clients and develop an application which is valuable and as per their specifications. We deliver an experience with simplicity and user friendly interface. We offer product by considering uniqueness and security and offers you with competitive advantage for your company.

Through Android Application Development Services we give solutions to our customers in India and across the world.

Android App Development

Our company develops iPhone app for the customers. We have skilled workers who develop these iPhone app and we have a finest business

Custom App Development

iPad has positioned itself as a premium personalized gadget. IPad own a high brand image all over the globe.

iPad App Development

PhoneGap is a software development structure which is used to make mobile applications.

PhoneGap Development

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