Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

Quality is what is expected out of us. Junipers Pro Strictly follow measures to maintain and monitor quality of the software before handing it over to customers. We have different team to control quality and to monitor it. However, for excellent results both the team work in integration. We believe that sales and revenue of a company is directly linked with the quality. Therefore, we do not take any risk with it.

Why us

We have different quality assurance and control team who give their best output as expected by them. Junipers Pro is crystal clear and believes in maintenance and up gradation of quality. We do not take chances with customization and for that we hire Highly skilled, experienced and qualified personnel who values time and budget limits and controls both automated and manual functions. We focus on proper management all-round the development cycle. Quality assurances for the Custom business solutions, software products and SaaS systems are provided.

Why is quality assurance important?

  • Improves quality of a final product
  • For effective software development
  • Effectively reduces TCO
  • Reduces risk in customization
  • Lack of chances for system failure
  • Reduces possibility of miscommunication
  • Expose the limitations in the software
  • Enables Company to participate in long run.

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